Lluís Ventós

1977, Lluís Ventós made his first public appearance as a painter in an exhibition at the Seny exhibition hall in Barcelona. On the introductory catalogue of his work, Imma Julian wrote:
“... being the first time is not easy to introduce himself the way he did. The public and the critics do not know the author and have not had enough time to learn about its language. They do not know what the author is trying to communicate.”
On 2003, on the occasion of an exhibition of sculptures on wood and marble, paintings and collages by Lluís Ventós at the Sala Parés in Barcelona, Ignasi Planell wrote:
“... Having a starting point a layout as simple as forceful he has elaborate a work that keeps an absolute coherence with his artistic career...”
Since that remote year 1977, he has organised around thirty exhibitions on his own around the country, as well as in Madrid (Juan Gris, Arco…); he has organised the presentations of the perfumes “Maresia”, “Barcelona”…(the glass) o the “Panells” series (the iron…), and participated in numerous collective exhibitions and collaborations: a twenty-nine years old career, defined by Ignasi Planell himself as “full of engagement, work, commitment…”